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The quickest, most accurate and cost effective agency services for 37 years.
Our professional approach before, during and after port calls has made us an agency of choice

We guarantee the quickest, the most accurate and economic services to our valued customers in all issues with our experienced staff. We provide shipping agency services at all Turkish Ports and Straits, including protecting, husbandry, laid up agency services; repairing & drydocking; attendance during loading & discharging operations; garbage & waste disposal arrangements; delivery & clearance services; crew change services; motorboat & car service; and arrangements for medical services.

Services such as ship’s supply arrangements (bunker, lubricants, provisions, bonded stores, fresh water, etc.), underwater inspections and hull, deck & engine surveys are coordinated with the well-known and reputable suppliers in their fields:

Port Agency

We organize, oversee and coordinate all aspects of the port call, from booking berth allocations and services ahead of the vessel’s arrival to finalizing the accounts and other paperwork after vessel’s sail.


We take care of the lay-up of your vessel and deliver an agency service package including the lay-up, and later the re-employment to service. As the only total lay-up solution service provider in Turkey, We are a one-stop shop for all your lay-ups requirements.

Husbandry Services

We deliver cost-effective and on-time husbandry services;

  • Ship’s supply arrangements (bunkers,lubricants,provisions,freshwater,bonded stores etc.)
  • Repairs and drydocking services
  • Hull, deck and engine survey support
  • Garbage and waste oil disposal arrangements
  • Diving support
  • Arranging medical services
  • Crew change services
  • Motorboat and car services
  • Delivery and clearance services like cash to master, spare, mail and store

Transit Services

Eksay Shipping involve all operational, official, financial and legal attendances on behalf of the ship, manager, owner and charterers during Turkish Straits passages.

Bunker Call Agency

We make your calls smoother and simpler by coordinating bunker supplies, surveys and all necessary formalities prior arrival.

Protective Agency

Eksay deliver protecting agency services both for shipowners and charterers to supervise counterparty’s agents throughout the port calls and/or transit passages in order to avoid any conflict of interest which may arise with many stakeholders involved in a call.

Shipyard Services

With our professional team, we provide agency services to your ships 24/7 at the shipyards in Tuzla and Yalova. During the repair process, we carry out transit spare parts delivery and personnel replacement meticulously and on time. With more than 37 years of experience and experience, you can trust Eksay for your shipyard repair agency.