Turkey has started opening all the borders for passengers but with limited flights and countries.

Crew change is allowed but subject to final confirmations from the authorities thus case by case check is suggested and disembarking crew must hold a valid flight and present it before leaving the vessel.

Any disembarking crew and passengers to be checked before allowing them to enter the country and persons showing any of the symptoms to be sent to hospital for treatment etc.


Ships intending to have any kind of supply are required to provide a body temperature list for all the crew members on board for the last 3 days before allowing anyone to board the vessel and it is subject to sanitary office approval.

  • Ships are allowed receive provisions and technician attendance and crew change and is allowed
  • All ships are passing sanitary inspections before their Turkish Straits passages and required to send MDOH & Last 10 ports of call list & crew temperature list & crew list to the related agency while entering territorial waters

Other Information

  • Goverment ordered curfew for the citizens older than 65 years between 20:00lt & 10:00lt.
  • Childrens are only allowed to go out with one of their parents
  • Officers meeting the pilots at the gangway and persons on bridge must wear proper masks until pilot leaves the vessel and keep the social distance at all times